Program Language Summary License
checklistings TeX (see CTAN) LaTeX package for passing verbatim contents through a compiler and reincorporating the resulting output. LPPL
snespp C FreeBSD Kernel module (driver) for SNES controllers connected through a parallel port. BSD2
svgtoquiz Python (with Tk) Turns SVG files into flashcard quizzes. A command-line script with a rudimentary GUI. BSD2
Mnemogogo Python (with Qt) Mnemosyne plugin for exporting flashcards for review on mobile clients. GPL2
Mnemododo Java (Android) Review flashcards on Android mobile phones. GPL2
Mnemojojo Java (J2ME) Review flashcards on Java-enabled mobile phones. GPL2
Muttlight Objective-C, C (Cocoa) Integrate MailDir files into MacOS. GPL2
Sundials/ML OCaml & C OCaml interface to the Sundials suite of numerical solvers. BSD3
Treeplate XML/XSLT Generate static websites (like this one) using simple input files. BSD2
Urpal Standard ML Manipulate Uppaal timed automata models. BSD2
Vélus Coq and OCaml A verified Lustre compiler. Inria Non-Commercial
Zélus OCaml Compiler and run-time for a synchronous language with ODEs. binary release (CeCILL-C)