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     mkdoc -- Turn SML signatures into rudimentary ML-Doc files.


     mk-doc [-a | -b | -?] [-o output-file] [-c copyright] [-s | +s strid]
            [-f | +f fctid arg-id arg-sig] [-i | +i struct] sml-file ...


     mkdoc transforms an SML source file into SGML text for further processing
     by ml-doc(1).  The output file contains the required basic structure.
     Further editing is required to produce useful documentation.  Comments
     from the SML source can be included in the output (the -a and -b options)
     as SGML comments.


     -?      Display a summary of options.

     -a      Copy comments written after a specification.

     -b      Copy comments written before a specification.

     -o outfile
             Specify an output file to use instead of standard output.

     -c copyright
             Insert the given copyright string into the output.

     -s/+s strid
             Instead of placing the generated SIGBODY within SIGNATURE tags,
             the file must contain a single signature, use STRUCTURE tags with
             the specified STRID.  Bind opaquely if +s is given.

     -f/+f fctid arg-id arg-sig
             As per -s/+s, but wrap the result in FUNCTOR tags, with fct as
             FCTID, arg-id as the functor argument ID, and arg-sig as its sig-
             nature ID.

     -i/+i struct
             Attach, for each -/+i option given, a SIGINSTANCE, possibly with
             an OPAQUE attribute, onto the output.


     mkdoc +i IntBinaryMap +i IntListMap Util/ord-map-sig.sml
     mkdoc -f SplayMapFn K ORD_KEY Util/ord-map-sig.sml


     Error messages are usually just uncaught exceptions.




     Emden Gansner <erg@research.att.com> wrote Mkdoc.
     Dan Wang <danwang@cs.princeton.edu> added the comment extraction feature.

FreeBSD 6.2                     August 2, 2007                     FreeBSD 6.2