Dr Timothy Bourke

Researcher at Inria in the PARKAS team at the Informatics Departement of the ENS
Adjunct Professor at the Informatics Department of the École polytechnique
en: [tImɒθiː bɜːʳk] or fr: [timɔte buʀk] (Tim, [tIm] or [tiːm]); tim@tbrk.org; c/o ENS, Paris...


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My Research

My research focuses on rigorous approaches to modelling, programming, and verifying embedded control systems. My motivation is not formal techniques as an end in themselves, but rather as a means to clarify the principles behind and to better engineer embedded systems. I always try to work with practical examples, like the control system of a robotic wheelchair (a long time ago), an infrared sensor, a microkernel operating system (as part of a large group), a microprinter component, or a wireless routing protocol. Focusing on practice means working with programming languages that can be compiled and executed. Rigour mandates languages based on precise and tractable models (like synchronous languages). Finally, modelling and analyzing realistic programming languages, their compilers, and the applications created with them requires computer assistance; ideally interactive theorem provers.


Academic Service


Synchron 2020 will happen online. The program is now online.
We're still hoping that Synchron 2020 can go ahead. Please save the dates!
Lélio's thesis defense.
Please consider submitting to SCOPES 2020, the 23rd International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems.
Our article on extending Vélus with a reset operator has been accepted for POPL 2020.
Participation in the end of project workshop of CASERM in Grenoble.